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Programs and Reference Materials at Art Camp!

Enchanment Acrylic and resen on wood panel 2017 A. Uccello

Week 1. Designed To Make A Splash

July 13 to 17
Experimenting With Acrylics

A Experimenting in various water media
Colour Theory Fundamentals

Painting on Canvas, Paper and Wood 

The theme for this week centres on using a variety of acrylic mediums and gels to discover the and techniques. The class structure will leave a lot of flexibility for exploring different directions and topics in abstraction and representational approaches.

 Allycia will share with you what she has learned over 45 of honing her skills as a painter.

Washes, stains, bleeds and blooms and much more. It’s about time honored watercolor techniques and ramping it up to a new level. Using acrylic gels and grounds to create a variety of surfaces with varying degrees of absorbency that will allow you to put acrylic on numerous substrates. We’re not just talking canvas anymore – now you can use wood, ceramics, Plexiglass, and metals. Almost any surface can be made to accept acrylic, giving us an embarrassing number of porous surfaces to paint on.  In using acrylics the most versatile medium available today you’ll discover innovative ways to use these mediums to develop new ideas expressing your painting.

As well we’ll work with process painting to discover the open-ended ways that can be added into you work.

Blue Lagoon 24 x 18 x 1.5 2018 A. Uccello arcylic resin on wood panel

Week 2. Colour And Beyond

July 20 to 24
Extremes in Water Media Painting

Layering in Light
Paintings with Gels and Mediums
Resists Inks and Wax Works
Creating Acrylic Skins and Collage 

The theme this session is all about playing with a variety of materials in paint media in abstraction and representational imagery.

The wide range developing skills in hand-eye coordination, proportion, scale, movement, textures, negative and positive space and much more.

The idea this session is to create a series of small works experimenting in several media using acrylic Tar gel, molding gels, grit gels, pastel medium, modelling paste, interference colours, and much more. To become comfortable in  the new technology of using acrylics and the wide applications and processes that are possible.