Playing attention to your inner artist!

Programs and Reference Materials at Art Camp!

Art Camp

Week 1. A Dragons Tale

July 8 to 12
Create a Dragon Puppet

A dragon collage
3D painted mystical landscape
Coloured hot rocks

The theme for this week centres on dragons, mythology, mystery, and magic. Students research images and stories from the mythical world of dragons and Faires to create one of a kind artworks using a variety of materials and techniques.

Each morning for an hour students practice and gain skills in drawing fundamentals, such as proportion, light and shadow, perspective, composition, foreshortening, scale and much more.

This launches into one of a kind projects that kids create, developing their skills in planning, drawing, sewing, cutting, gluing, painting, and assembly.

Art Camp

Week 2. Fin Fur and Feather

July 15 to 19
3D painting

Animal Cards that enlarge
Embossed metal creatures
Cartooning and animal characters
Wax rainbow painting

The theme for this week is all about our animal friends. The wide range and abundance of creatures on our planet is the place we dive into for inspiration creating a series of artworks that cover a variety of materials from paper, copper, paints, wax, and conte'. Each morning starts off with an hour of drawing fundamentals, focused on whales, bears, birds, insects, frogs, fish, and pets to name just a few, developing skills in hand-eye coordination, proportion, scale, movement, textures, negative and positive space, and cartooning fundamentals.