Playing attention to your inner artist!

Creating Space to discover the artist within

Mission Statement: To inspire, educate, and support people on their journey to discover the artist within, through hands on art practices leading to greater insight and learning in creating visual art.

Workshops for adults 15 years and older

This year we're celebrating our 29th year of inspiring, educating and helping students  discover the amazing world of fine art and craft.

For the last 28 years children and adults from around the world and locally, have been coming to the Art Camp, learning about and creating paintings, sculpture, drawings, and high end craft.

There are students who have attended the Art camp and have graduated from the Ontario collage of Art and are now practicing artists. 

The idea behind the Art Camp is to create a space for people to work with professional artists, using rich topics, good quality art materials, experiencing what it’s all about and making unique art in a studio setting surrounded by nature.

The Art Camp is run by Allycia Uccello a professional artist with of over 40 years’ experience, sharing her talents and skills with students of all ages both in her studio and schools throughout Ontario. She creates programs that are school wide covering several media in painting, murals, sculpture, drawing, glass work, fibre, printing, stage sets, and paper construction.

Art Camp

Currently Allycia will have completed 7 large installations and murals with students from jk/sk to grades 8 in the Toronto District School Board through 2019.

Peter Uccello is a craftsman and sculptor who will be running a series of programs in Sculpture. Students immerse themselves in the world of form, engineering, construction, physics, art, patterns, mathematics and much more.

The studio is located on 10280 Second Line, Campbellville, Ontario, in the Escarpment, on 43 acres of rolling fields, forests, ponds, and a creek. This is the perfect setting for participants to appreciate and enjoy the bounty of wildlife and scenery as inspiration to creating art. The studio setting is spacious with lots of interesting artwork on the walls and reference materials available for research. This environment sets the stage for inquiry, instruction, creativity and production, to invent new possibilities exploring a wide range of art practices.

The studio is located at 10280 Second Line, Campbellville, just north of Highway 401 off of the Guelph Line. When coming from Hwy. 401 turn off at the Guelph Line and go north to the 10th Side Rd. (there is a church on the north east corner) Turn left onto 10th Side Road which means you are going west, continue to the 4 way stop which is Second Line and turn right – north and the camp is about 1 Kilometre up the road on the left hand side. Continue down the driveway until you come to a green building and that is the studio. Parking can be on either side of the studio. Please drive slowly as there are many cars arriving at the same time.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone 905-854-0511 if you have any questions.


Adult Reviews

Dona S.

This was a very different experience for me as I am new at painting and Allycia’s demonstrations were easy to follow and gave me the confidence to experiment with watercolors, finding exciting ways to represent images and backgrounds without having to labor over things. I would highly recommend her workshops and programs.

Alison B

What intrigued about this whole process was the idea of playing and experimenting in paints, various materials and techniques without judging the outcomes and playing like a kid again. I had to let go and not always be in control and that gave me some insight into who I was being in that moment with surprising artistic results.

Allen J.

My wife asked me to come along to Allycia’s workshop and I didn’t think I was going really enjoy it. To my surprise I found myself amazed and transfixed with the way we experimented with mediums and how they interacted with paint creating strange interesting textures and effects, in particular with alcohol and the ways that it repelled water colour paint. The workshop offered a nice working atmosphere, lots of help and a chance to meet a lot of interesting people.

Jane J.

I love to paint and the idea of taking time to learn something new is always an energizing way to add to one’s own art practice. That said I was excited to try all the painting processes Allycia offered in her demonstrations. It took me beyond my comfort zone but what was there to lose except the opportunity to try new ways of approaching painting. Allycia was generous with her time and support and in the end I had several new paintings that point the way to me feeling confident in more experimentation and trying out new materials.

Colin. M

Having dabbled in art here and there I wanted to take the time to get to understand and enjoy the process a little more deeply and heard about Allycia’s program from a friend, so decided to join her for this adventure. Feeling a little out of my comfort zone I hung back at first unsure of my abilities but became curious and inspired to try out the some of the techniques demonstrated by Allycia. Well the time passed quickly as I played around with drawing, wax, stencils, printing, brush work, alcohol and a bunch more experiments giving me a set of test pieces that I can now develop into future work. Please let me know when the next session is going to be held.

Allison G.

What I enjoyed most about this workshop was the amount and variety of materials to try out and practice with, using particular techniques. The demos were informative and it was fun to see how and what everyone else in the group was working on. Allycia was always available to consult with and answered questions making sure we were all looked after. The luncheon was delicious and loved that we had hot drinks and snacks available. I really surprised myself and liked the final painting I created in the time we had. I’m looking forward to joining in again for the next session. I will be recommending this workshop to my friends.